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Top 5 Cloud Security Jobs to Apply for in 2022

Top 5 Cloud Security Jobs to Apply for in 2022
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Written by Rajesh Tamada

As businesses move to the cloud, the need to maintain the highest cloud security becomes a top priority. Careers in cloud security quickly become significant and prominent roles for cyber security professionals. With the growing number of businesses migrating to the cloud, the need for skilled cloud security professionals is also increasing.

Top cloud security jobs for cyber security professionals in 2022

Almost all businesses operate with some cloud computing solutions and many organizations have central cloud teams. With the future of work being cloud computing, there are specific highly skilled and high-paying jobs emerging around cloud security. Here are the top five cloud security jobs to apply for in 2022.

Security Engineer

A cloud security engineer is responsible for the operations of secure cloud software, platforms and infrastructure. The job involves building, maintaining, upgrading and improving cloud-based systems and cloud networks of the organization.

Security Architect

A cloud security architect is a senior position and the responsibilities include planning, designing, creating, testing, implementing and maintaining IT network security systems of the organization. The security architect is the person in charge of cybersecurity and assesses the systems for weaknesses and works to create a high security, efficient cloud environment.

Cloud Security Analyst

A cloud security analyst is in charge of the security policies and processes. They work to develop an architecture for safety and solutions for any problems in the cloud environment. The security analyst lays down security procedures and is responsible for risk assessment in the cloud environment. They should possess great problem-solving skills and communication skills to work with employees to troubleshoot issues and find quick resolutions.

Security consultant

A security consultant doesn’t have to necessarily work with a single organization but is usually hired by an organization to test its security. The job of a security consultant includes identifying problems and weaknesses, assessing risks, evaluating security issues and testing and implementing solutions to overcome the problems, issues and risks in the environment. They work with an organization to develop security reference architectures in alignment with cloud security strategy and the security baseline of the organization.

Risk Analyst

A cloud risk analyst is responsible for maintaining security by identifying, sorting, prioritizing, constantly monitoring and reporting security risks. After assessing, prioritizing and evaluating the risk data, they share the findings with managers who use these insights to create better solutions for maximum security. Risk analysts are on the frontline of defense and work with stakeholders and offer advice to minimize security and technology risks.

Summing Up

As a cyber security professional, you already know that cloud security is your future. A job in cloud cyber security can help you significantly advance your career and income.