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7 Best Business Intelligence Tools to Use in 2022

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Written by Rajesh Tamada

Business intelligence is critical for current and future strategies for businesses. BI tools help collect, process, analyze, and visualize great volumes of past, current, and future data and simplify decision making processes of the organization by generating actionable business insights and creating interactive reports.

Top Business intelligence tools to use in 2022

Here are the top seven business intelligence tools for 2022.


Loop offers business intelligence and business performance management capabilities in a single system. It provides strategic BI analysis, KPI tracking and survey tools for putting plans into action. The strategic analysis is done by measuring the inefficiency and efficiency of strategies. It also has a customizable dashboard that features in-depth analysis and access to data visualizations and cataloging tools.

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

OAC is an AI-powered solution that offers analytics and reporting features. It offers a wide range of analytics capabilities that lets users leverage analytics through chatbots and collaboration interfaces. It analyzes data and identifies trends to convert that data into visualization.


Domo is a cloud-based, easy to use platform. It views data sets, converts them into workflows and offers engaging visualizations. The advanced data visualization comes with several options for representing data and building a drag-and-drop dashboard.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool that offers data preparation, analytics, an interactive dashboard and visual-based data discovery. You can easily upload data from an excel sheet or import it from the web into Power BI. It also offers a range of visuals and graphics for your data.


Tableau provides cloud-hosted solutions and is specifically designed to help users access, analyze and prepare findings from their data. Using its patented VizQL engine that drives its intuitive analytics experience, this platform offers a smooth user experience. It also offers support to establish connections with several data sources and improves the quality of data analytics. A great feature of this platform is its integration with Salesforce acquisitions like Slack which makes clients favor this tool.


Qlik offers pre-canned dashboards that are configured for data analysis and interpretation. This platform aims to offer the most comprehensive access to data and offers a strong product vision for several years based on AI and machine learning. This platform can be deployed with any primary cloud provider, multi-clouds, on-premises or with any combination of these approaches,

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is a single web-based platform that offers both BI and analytics. Mainly used for creating scorecards and dashboards, this platform sells to large enterprises. It has a strong focus on self-service, the ability to link local user accounts to Microsoft Active Directory and a flexible HTML5 interface to support all devices.

Summing Up

Good Business intelligence helps organizations analyze their data to identify patterns and get solutions. It can help businesses make better-informed decisions to foster scalability and agility.