Internet-of-Bodies and the Future of Wellness

Internet-of-Bodies and the Future of Wellness

Internet-of-Bodies and the Future of Wellness
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72% of working professionals are prone to heart attacks every year. This proven statistic is indicative of the stress and long hours take effect on human bodies. But what if there were an app that rang alarms the minute it detected a high-risk blood pressure anomaly? Or, what if there were stimulants that helped calm down pressure and stress on the brain? Well, all of this is a reality with the Internet-of-Bodies. Scroll down below to see how the IoB is changing the wellness landscape as we know it.

Personalized Medicine

IoB can be leveraged to process real time health data of a patient, along with genetic information to tailor medicine according to the need of each individual patient. This process can be extremely beneficial, as it can take allergens, and problem-causing chemicals into account. This can also mean that every patient receives the right treatment without the risk of human error. Lifestyle is an important consideration here, which IoB considers, keeping in mind the side-effects of that medicine and how it might affect certain eating choices or preferences.

Predictive Analysis

IoB can identify at-risk people, predict disease outbreaks, and allocate resources accordingly. In a post-COVID world, this is imperative because not only will it help to identify communicable viruses and other diseases at best, but it will also help those in dire need first.

Remote Monitoring and Treatment

IoB also allows real-time monitoring of patients through wearable devices, implants, and ingestible electronics. Doctors can follow vital signs, medicine intake and changes in body regulation through these devices. While helping patients, this also does not contain any harmful side effects to people. Moreover, this can help doctors accurately gauge what the ailment is without predictive treatments.

Improved Diagnosis

Imagine that without expensive tests, your data is consistently available to your physician, along with monitoring any anomalies in the body. This will help those people immensely who cannot afford to go for multiple body scans which are expensive in nature. Consistent data is also helpful in terms of providing accurate pattern-based data to your physician, leading to better diagnosis.

High Patient Engagement

These IoB integrated devices also foster better patient engagement as healthcare is now manageable and at the level of the patient’s understanding. These patients are more likely to invest in their health before a life-threatening disease takes over.


In conclusion, IoB is an effective way to monitor health and wellness without excessive costs. This technology is an important landmark in the development of the internet, and how much further it can reach to help people in the long run.