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10 Reasons to Adopt E-Signature

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Electronic signatures have gained immense popularity for all the right reasons in recent years. The several benefits offered by electronic signatures make them useful for all types of organizations and individuals.

Benefits of adopting E-Signature

Here are ten reasons for organizations to adopt electronic signatures.

1. Document accuracy is improved

E-signature software ensures that the documents are highly accurate and read carefully before signing. This software highlights the mandatory fields to be filled before the document can be accepted.

2. Costs are reduced

Printing and signing signatures manually do not only require a lot of effort but also unnecessary expenses. You spend on ink, paper, scan, print, and delivery for manual signatures. But with e-signature, all of these expenses are cut and the overall costs of the organization can be reduced.

3. Reliable services

Delivery and signing of the documents can be delayed when you go for manual signatures. If you mail physical documents to someone, it may take days to get delivered and then returned with signatures. With e-signatures, you can get instant signatures from anyone anywhere in the world.

4. Customer experience is enhanced

With e-signatures, your customers and clients can conveniently sign papers from anywhere in the world. This option can be exceptionally helpful when your clients are located in another city or country. It helps enhance customer experience by delivering convenient, quick, and efficient services.

5. Business efficiency is increased

Manually printing and signing documents and contracts can be pretty time-consuming. Electronic signatures make everything digital and help you save a lot of manual effort, thus making the entire process more efficient.

6. Tracking the status of documents is easier

When using e-signature solutions, you can check the dashboard to track the status of your documents. The dashboard offers a complete view of the history and status of the activities related to your documents.

7. Document security is improved

E-signatures have higher security as they require authorization to access. Signatures can be forged on manual documents but authorization for e-signatures makes the transaction highly safe and secure.

8. Storage space is increased

Manual documents need physical storage space. But with e-signatures, you can store your digital documents in the cloud and save a lot of storage space in your office.

E-signatures have legal validity and are admissible in a court of law. This makes them credible to be used against manual signatures.

10.  Environmentally friendly option

Ink and paper signatures are not an eco-friendly choice. E-signature solutions make the entire process digital and help you make a sustainable choice by cutting down the extra paper from your office supplies.  

Electronic signatures help you organize better, save time and storage space, and make a sustainable choice.